Welcome to Brisbane Estate Clearance

We are deceased estate and house clearance specialists based in The Gap, Brisbane. 

We offer a professional and affordable solution for clearing houses, apartments and storage facilities city wide.

We try to make the clearance process as simple and straightforward as possible because we understand that this can be a difficult time for families and executors.


1. Service outline and quote

The first step in using our service is to book a quote property visit.  

After visiting the property, we’ll email your fixed-price quote and personalised service outline, detailing everything we would do as part of the clearance.


2. Clearing the property

  After accepting the quote, all you need to do is pass on the property keys.  We can completely clear most properties in 1-5 days.

We’ll stay in touch to provide updates throughout the clearance and once finished, we’ll hand back the keys to your clear and tidy property. 


3. We promise

We operate a business that’s honest, affordable and reliable. We’ll complete your clearance exactly as described on your service outline, for the exact price quoted.

When you hire us, you have the peace of mind that comes with using professional and experienced service providers.