We make the difficult task of clearing a property as simple and straightforward as possible.


1. Free quote and service outline

Our process begins with a free property visit.

During the visit you can tell us in person what you would like us to do and we can gather enough information to create a fixed-price quote for the entire clearance.

Next, we’ll email the quote to you. Included with the quote is a service outline based on your instructions, detailing every step of the clearance. 

2. Brisbane Estate Clearance buying offer

Brisbane Estate Clearance can make an offer to buy items from the estate, if requested. When we buy items, the buying price is offset against the bill for the clearance.

This option suits people who want to minimise the cost of the clearance or have the clearance finalised as quickly as possible. 

Our goal is to provide you with options that best suit your needs, whether it’s a comprehensive clearance with all items sent to auction or a smaller estate with a buying offer included.

3. Complete clearance of the property

We start every clearance by carefully sorting all of the property contents, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

We remove all movable items from all areas of the property. Items are delivered to different addresses, sold, donated or recycled.  

Most clearances take less than a week to complete. Our experienced team make having a property cleared as stress-free as possible.

We provide whole-property clearance services for all types of residential properties including:


  • Houses and units of all sizes

    We clear properties of all sizes, from large houses on acreage to small units. We are happy to work with building management and body corporates to ensure their requirements are met. 

  • Single room residences:

    We efficiently manage clearances for single-room residences. Many single room residences are located in retirement communities or nursing homes. We work together with management of the retirement community or nursing home to ensure the clearance is carried out in a way that meets their specifications.    

  • Deceased estates: 

    Sensitivity and respect are at the forefront of our service when handling deceased estates. We take care of everything, allowing you to focus on what matters most. For a detailed description of our deceased estate services please visit our Deceased Estate Clearance Brisbane page. 

  • Rental homes:  

    Returning a rental property to top condition is crucial. We ensure rental homes are cleared to the highest standards. 

  • Properties affected by hoarding:

    Our experienced team understand the unique challenges of hoarding situations and provide compassionate and effective clearance services.

  • Backyards and gardens: 

    We don’t stop at indoor spaces. We clear gardens, yards and outdoor areas, leaving your entire property clear and tidy. 

  • Any type of outbuilding:  

    Whether it’s a shed, garage or other type of outbuilding, we can clear and organise the space as needed. 

  • Storage units and containers:

    If you have items stored in external units or containers, we can include them in the clearance process.

Our flexible range of services can be tailored to meet  your individual needs. All services can be included in our one, upfront fixed-price quote.


  • We can remove all property contents:

    We can remove all items from the home, the garden and any outbuildings, including all furniture, all other household contents and any outdoor items – leaving the property completely clear and tidy.  If you’d like anything to remain on the property, we make sure these items are left in place and not included in the clearance. 

  • All the property contents are carefully sorted:

    Our team sort all items into categories before anything is removed from the property, to ensure that every item goes to the right place. Everything suitable for resale is labelled and set aside, likewise items to be delivered to other addresses, items to be donated to local charities etc.  

  • Important items are set aside: 

    Often while sorting through household contents, we find things such as important documents, money, items with sentimental value or items that you’ve told us were lost somewhere on the property. If we find these items, we will set them aside and contact you. 

  • Items are donated to local Brisbane charities and community organisations:  

    We aim to donate, recycle or reuse as much as possible. We work with multiple charities to ensure that your items are donated to a good cause. Please visit our Charitable Donations page for more information.

  • We arrange the sale of items on your behalf:

    If there are items contained in the estate which have a resale value, we can handle the entire sale process on your behalf. We have decades of experience selling antiques, collectables and general household items here in Brisbane. We can confidently identify which items are suitable for selling and the best way to sell them. For most clearances we recommend selling items via one or more of the Brisbane auction houses specialising in house clearance auctions. Occasionally we recommend selling via private sale to a registered buyer for items which may receive a higher return than if sold at auction. 

  • We offer a cost saving option for people whose main priority is reducing the upfront cost of the clearance:  

    Brisbane Estate Clearance can offer to buy items from the estate. We offset the buying price against the total cost of the clearance, helping to lower the bill. If you would like us to make a buying offer, please let us know during the initial quote property visit. 

  • Rubbish removal:   

    We can quickly and efficiently remove all types of household rubbish, including items skip bin companies and rubbish removers will not accept such as mattresses, bricks, perishables, liquids, chemicals and so on.

  • Helpful extras:

    We are happy to help with any extra tasks on a case-by-case basis. During past clearances we have helped our clients with the care of pets living on the premises, hand delivering documents locally, picking up and dropping off keys, arranging access for tradespeople and real estate agents on our clients behalf, and more.

For more information or to book a free property visit and quote please phone Brisbane Estate Clearance on 0434 020 777 or click here to: book a quote online.  

Hi Esther and Timo, thanks for keeping us informed and putting the cash and jewellery aside. The photos you sent are good and detailed. Thanks so much for your correspondence and excellent service! Many thanks again.

Hi Timo and Esther, I want to thank you again for all your help and kindness. You’ve made what’s been a difficult time so much easier. I was overwhelmed at the enormity of the task of clearing 30 years of stuff and memories from my parents house. Thanks to you it’s now ready for the next task of preparing it for sale.

Hi guys, thank you so much for such an excellent job on the house. It was spotless and all the rubbish that had accumulated in house and garden was gone as agreed. There was no need for us to do anything but move ourselves out. Very happy with the service.

Hi Timo, we are very impressed with the work you guys have done and really appreciate the communication throughout the process. For this reason we will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a similar service and I’m sure we will speak again in the future.

Thank you for all your help. I must say it’s been a pleasure dealing with you both. We’ve never had to do this kind of thing before and you’ve made the whole procedure as painless and pleasant as possible. Fortunately we don’t know anyone in the same position as us right now, but if we do we will definitely recommend your services. 

Hi Esther, thank you to you and Timo for finishing the house in this really difficult time. Your assistance and help in cleaning mum’s place was life-saving for me. I really appreciate your kindness. 

Many thanks for your clearance in the last two days. It is an excellent job you both have done. We have our son moving in December and will pass on your details to him. Again many thanks – you have made our move much simpler. 

Thank you Timo for your excellent and very thorough work in cleaning out the property!